Influence Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Influence market is the market of today. Yes, we have all kinds of marketing tools to promote our business but we do need influencers. It increases the ROI 11 times approx., that is how much efficient it is.

These days you can find many influencers on Instagram or YouTube etc. This is a niche market and their audiences follow them like it is holy. To promote your business, opt for influencers. But avoid these mistakes.

  1. Don’t start without a goal

Design the campaign the way you would strategize any other campaign. Don’t take it too lightly. Plan and execute. Keep a check on ROI. Set up a minimum to maximum KPI and make sure to reach your target. Plan segments that will make you reach there. Make sure your metrics are aligned with the goal. Always keep track of engagement, website visits etc.

  1. Research the influencer

An influencer may be good but he or she is good enough for your brand is what the question is. The story, the brand that the influencer promote, it has to be alleged with the vision of your brand, it should side by side with the target of the campaign. The face of an influencer will get attached to your brand, make sure that the choice is right. Compatibility is all that matters here.

  1. Know the audience

First know your own customer. Now know the audience of the influencer. Even the same category influencer can attract different audiences, so keep a check on that. Before you start up a relationship with an influence, make sure their audience in also compatible with your brand and company vision. That the relationship would create a boost in your ROI, it would create an effect.

  1.  Not just about followers

Other wrong thing you could be doing is that relying too much on the influencer and the audience. Yes, the media planning agencies is derived so that business would increase but audiences sometimes respond differently to products and campaigns.

  1.  Hiding your influencer relationship

You should declare your relationship with the influencer. A paid commitment has to be shown that way to the audience. It helps in gaining their trust. Media buying in dubai, and they take it seriously that you are serious about the plan you have for your company.

  1. Know your need

Don’t go for a celebrity if semi famous influencers will do the trick for you. Don’t go all out and show off. It might hurt you back, and badly.

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