How to Plan a Marketer his Marketing Funnel

The funnel is a theoretical journey of a consumer. From the time the product is in the market to the time how it reaches to the consumer and how he/she responds to it and purchases it. It is important to know about it to know about the needs and mind set of the customer, so that one can plan a marketing funnel according to it.

  1. Laser Focus on Revenue

Make sure to focus on the revenue. If you are not focusing on the revenue than the entire point of being part of a business is lost. It is vital that the goal of every campaign ever planned is to increase the sales or distribution. It should first cover the expenditure and also give profit to the business. Creative & branding advertising agencies in dubai, uae.

  1. Content that Spans the Funnel

Identify the gaps in your funnel. What is not working for the market, what is not working for the customer? Once you can figure out the problem, the solution will also be there. Audit the plan and think again. Redesign it if need be.

  1. Diverse Programs to Fill the Funnel

Don’t just stick to one plan. Try out new things every now and then. Learn from other funnel plans and take what works for you. Make sure to keep it updated and try new strategies to ensure maximum ROI.

  1. Great Insight on Names in the Funnel
    always go through your data. Research and after removing the gaps work on it more. Marketing funnel would work once you have third party insights as well. Maybe you are missing something that a competitor is not. It surely adds to the perspective of the funnel and will make you achieve a better business plan.
  2. Proactive Updates on the State of the Funnel

Whatever you are doing, share with your team. Keep them in to the loop. Yes, you understand why you had to make certain changes, you have research it but sales team mostly don’t like surprises, so don’t give them any. Share with them the findings and move ahead with a plan that is thought out well by the entire team.

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