By purchasing a range finder, you can improve the quality of your game. Good Golf rangefinders can easily provide you with the distance of targets on the golf course. This will enable choose the best golf club to use and know just how much force to put to it to achieve the best result. While they feature different technologies, range finders basically work on the principle of GPS. When the weather is not clear enough a range finder can still work fine. Given this, you can play the sport you love stress free.

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In the market today, and with the advancements in technology, there are many varying golf rangefinders. They all employ different technologies and designs. Not all, however, are fit for your use. To choose the best, there are some things that you should consider.

Maximum distance range

Before you make a purchase of a laser range finder, it is important that you note the device’s distance range. Many of the rangefinders available in the market have a distance range in the range of 1-1,500 yards. The prevailing weather tends to reduce the distance range of the device and how well it performs.

Features and type

Features and design vary from one rangefinder to the next. The size also matters a lot. With the variation in features comes also a difference in price. The more features and sophisticated a range finder is, the more you should expect to pay.

The magnification of the range finder also matters a lot. As this determines the extent at which the device can bring an object in focus close to you. The clearer you can see it the higher your chances of hitting the golf home.

Weight and size

The size, as well as the weight of a rangefinder, varied a great deal. The more compact and lightweight it is, the easier it will be for you to hold it in your hand steady enough to use it. If the device is large, you will experience problems trying to balance it, let alone hold it in one hand.

Ease of use

The efficiency of a Range finder depends on its ease of use. An efficient range finder will be easy to use. Its buttons should be few and situated in locations that are easy to press. If you live in an area prone to rainfall often, then getting a range finder that has the ability to wipe off the drops of water from the lens would be best.


With all the range finders in the market, there is a huge difference in readability. There are those rangefinders that use red numbers which are far easier to read and others that use green numbers which prove to be slightly difficult to read.

Making the above considerations, you will be able to get yourself a range finder that suits your needs and that will help you take your skill to the next level.

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