Difference Between Digital and Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing is the one we have been using for a century now. Newspapers, flyers, TV , Radio etc. All these are traditional marketing tools and we still need them side by side in our marketing plans. Digital marketing is when you invest in a website, on a social media platform; this also is a need for today. Even though both have to be used together, here is the difference in two.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

It gives you the benefit of proximity. You want to reach to the local area; this type of marketing will get you there. The hard copies can be stored and can be read through over and over again. It is easy to understand. Scientists believe that when one is holding a readable material, he/she gets a better understanding of it.

Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

The benefit of the interaction is lost. Obviously you cannot instantly connect with an author or a columnist via newspaper. No. And this creates a distance between the audience and the product. Print and radio and TV are costly as well.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing companies is a global one. You can target both, a local community and an international one. You can tailor your selection by demographics, gender etc.

The audience of digital marketing is smart. They know what they want and filter right through the content. This gives you an edge as well. You can shape up your product and campaigns accordingly.

You can be constantly in touch with the audience and the feedback helps you gain much efficiency and success. It is also cost effective. Such a wide range of people are hit in such a smaller amount.

The statistics of the feedback and followers and visits can all be calculated and the records are all available, thus helping you make better decisions in the future.  It gives you real time results as well. Digital media marketing services dubai uae.

And it has given us the pleasure of making our things VIRAL!

Combination of both!

In today’s world they both work simultaneously and with each other. No one can just have a digital presence and ignore TV or newspapers or vice versa. For a campaign to really hit hard with the audience it has to be present at all ends. The world consists of audience that has a knack for both traditional and digital market.

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