5 Age Long Evergreen Beauty Secrets you will definitely want to adopt

Beauty is something that has always been desirable by men and women alike. However, women are especially much more conscious about their beauty routines. This is probably because feminine beauty is associated with being flawless and smooth while masculine beauty has a certain ruggedness to it. Long before the dawn of modern day capitalism, nature was a woman’s best friend in achieving her beautiful flawless looks. Although the long line of corporate beauty and makeup products have long since trumped the use of raw natural goods as beauty enhancers, organic minerals still sit proudly under the processed heap of ingredients in a popular beauty product. In a market obsessed with artificially processed beauty products, the emphasis on organic sounds a little conflicting.  However, it is only fitting because nature has always been the primary derivative of each and every product us humans have ever created.

So, today, let’s turn back to Mother Nature and see what it has to offer in terms of beauty. We will look back in time in an attempt to find out the beauty secrets of women belonging to ancient civilizations. We all have heard tales about the beauty of Helen of Troy, Cleopatra of Egypt and many more infamous ancient beauties. Now, let’s learn how they managed to stay gorgeous amidst the lack of handy beauty products that we all have grown to love.

  1. Sugaring

Sugaring is an indigenous technique used by women of ancient Egypt for removal of body hair. It is an alternative to modern day waxing. The sugaring solution is said to be much less sticky and caused much less pain than the modern day wax. That’s why it is still popular in different parts of the world.

  1. Mung Beans

Green mung beans are found in India and China and are used as part of food. These beans are rich in vitamins and proteins that help heal acne and pimples. The ancient Chinese Empresses used a paste of mung beans as a face mask to help protect against acne.

  1. Saffron Oil

Used by the beauty goddess Cleopatra herself, saffron is truly a royal ingredient. Cleopatra is said to have used this ingredient frequently. This is said to be the secret of her infamous glow and beauty that made her a legend. Mix saffron strands with coconut oil and add it to your night routine. Totally worth it.

  1. Sea Salt

Sea Salt is used in skin scrubs and for good reason as well. It helps cleanse the skin by removing the dead cells and opening the closed pores. Ancient Japanese Geishas are said to have used sea salt in their beauty routines to help cleanse the skin and breakdown fat.

  1. Cabbage Leaves

We are pretty sure this one comes as a surprise to you. However, cabbage leaves are helpful in relieving pain from inflammation on the skin. Scientists aren’t sure how cabbage leaves help in relieving pain but it is a very popular ancient remedy used to treat inflammation on sensitive areas after nursing a baby. The trick is cupping the sensitive areas with the cabbage leaves until they get warm.

We hope you enjoyed reading about these ancient beauty secrets that women have used since before the time of Christ. These methods are still powerful and if you want to use them as part of your daily routines, they will work wonders for you.


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